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June limited 【Gorgeous Embroidery, Abalone, Hokkaido Beef, Fugu Ultimate Course】 Tanju, Festival Festival · Premolar Brewery Drinking and Total 10 items 6980 yen

June limited 【Gorgeous Embroidery, Abalone, Hokkaido Beef, Fugu Ultimate Course】 Tanju, Festival Festival · Premolar Brewery Drinking and Total 10 items 6980 yen

By using a coupon6980 yen

  • 10items
  • 2100persons
All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat including premium malt and 12 kinds of local sake, 16 kinds of authentic shochu, 6 kinds of highballs ☆ In November, it is a party with a premium all-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat with __!

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

All 10 items of luxurious content such as luxurious fresh fish of signature goods of Ocar # 10, staging of Japanese face chicken, tatami mats, live abalone stuff and beef cattle fillet carpaccio! All you can drink is what! Tanjiri Special Net America · Festival Net Including US Ginjyo! Of course! Premium Malt · Black Beer · Hakkai Mountain, Country Rare etc. 10 varieties of local sake · Including authentic shochu All you can drink for 120 minutes! Complete single room 2 people ~ Reservation OK!

Course menu

· Seasonal selected seasonal incense (Koko) 3 points Assorted!

Extreme pickles purchased from Kyoto old-fashioned pickles store and carefully selected seven points from more than 20 homemade pickles!

- Fresh fish sashimi ten-point prime

Seasonal fish of Hokkaido around was a luxury platter.

Local specialty! Sum face chicken bashing

Purchase directly from Kagoshima, familiar excellent compatibility with the sum face chicken over charcoal fragrant broiled in Kyushu, ... in a sweet soy sauce reservoir.Impression of the word

· Abalone sashimi

· Beef fillet sauce carpaccio

· Oyster's Chawanpotchi

Deep-fried puffer fish

· 3 homemade smoked platter assortments

· Handle of Kuroge Wagyu beef


By buying situation, Masu if the throne whose contents are subject to change.Please note.

All-you-can-drink menu

· [Draft beer] highest in the luxurious moments.
· The premium · Malts ☆ Creamy bubbly boasts our shop which understands the difference in the first mouth ☆
· 【Selected local sake】 10 kinds
· Nation Rare Koso (Asahikawa) / Junjo Nanboshi Brewery (Asahikawa) / Nakajima Northern Rice Rice (Shitsu River) / Fukushinori Rice (Kushiro) / Oyodori Togari (Otaru) / Tenjyu (Akita) / Hakkaisan (Niigata) / Bakuren Ginjo (Yamagata) / Shibata Denguchi Rice Rice (Hokkaido) / Izumi Junmai Ginjo (Fukushima) / Shikibari Junmai Daiginjo 50 (Yamaguchi) / Tanjiri Special Net America (Aomori)
· 【10 authentic shochu】
· Ootake shochu ◆ Black sake (Kagoshima) / Satsuma trees (Kagoshima) / Tanabata (Kagoshima) / Black Kirishima (Miyazaki) / Satsuma island beauty (Kagoshima) / Black Isisaki (Kagoshima) ◆ Whee shochu ◆ Black Enma (Oita) / Yasuaki (Oita) ◆ Awamori ◆ Kume Sen (Okinawa) ◆ Other Shochu ◆ Refreshment (Brown sugar) / Koge Tan (Shiso)
· [Corner highball]
· Horn Ball / Yuzu Horn High / Ume Horn High / Citric Acid High Ball / Apple Vinegar High Ball / Lamune High Ball ☆ Tasty Horn High Ball ☆ POINT 1: ice is a heap! Kin Kin Tie Hie! POINT 2: Soda Is PUINT 3: Corner and soda are 1: 4 proper amount ♪
· [Soft Kagamitsuki]
· Fluffy Miramori / Yuzu / Acerola / Shiso lemon ☆ Aftertaste clear, refreshing sake ☆
· Oolong Hi / Tea High / Lemon Sour / Lime Sour / Calpis Sour / Apricar Sour / Plum Sour / Garigari Ko Sour / Yuzu Sour / Seawater Sour / White Sour / Ice Tea Sour / Cider Sour
· Mojito ★ Refreshing refreshing taste.Cassis type, campari type, peach type, milk type etc.
· Rossi Rock (red · white) / glass wine (red · white)
·【Soft drink】
- Various

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