April limited 【10 fresh fish, wild vegetable, Japanese peasant luxury course】 Raw · Todoroki · Festival local wine drinking inclusive 9 items in total 5980 yen

April limited 【10 fresh fish, wild vegetable, Japanese peasant luxury course】 Raw · Todoroki · Festival local wine drinking inclusive 9 items in total 5980 yen

5980 yen

  • 9items
  • 2100persons
All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat ☆ including premium malt and 10 kinds of local sake, 16 authentic shochu, 6 types of highballs

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

Luxurious fresh fish sashimi 10 sushi staircase served, bacon with oysters and wild vegetables baked, specialties! Japanese face chicken knockout, exquisite pickled items of signage goods, cow soup with blackberry etc. All-you-can-drink what! Including sake special net rice · rice festival junmai rice gruel of course! Of course! Premium Malt · Black Beer · Hachihama Mountains, Country rare etc. Local Fresh · Including authentic Shochu Including All-you-can-eat as 120 minutes! Completely Private Room 2 people ~ Reservation OK!

Course menu

■ Selection of seasonal special fragrance (Koko) Assorted 5 points!

☆ Kyoto long-established pickles from pickled pickles and pickles from home made picks more than 20 kinds of carefully selected three points ♪

■ Fish fish sashimi 10 points Stairs flour

☆ We made luxurious seasonal fish platter assorted in 10 different places in the street.

■ specialty! Sum face chicken bashing

☆ purchase directly from Kagoshima, familiar excellent compatibility with the sum face chicken over charcoal fragrant broiled in Kyushu, ... in a sweet soy sauce reservoir.Impression of the word!

■ Bacon with oysters and wild vegetables, Teriyabi

■ Nanbu Inside Troised Pickled Mountain Wasabi with Soy Sauce

Kagaku noodle with white fish and wild vegetables

■ Black cattle bull cattle

Baked bamboo shoots cooked

■ season of desserts

※ by buying situation, Masu if the throne whose contents are subject to change.Please note.

All-you-can-drink menu

· [Draft beer] highest in the luxurious moments.
· The premium · Malts ☆ Creamy bubbly boasts our shop which understands the difference in the first mouth ☆
· 【Selected local sake】 10 kinds
· Nation Rare Koso (Asahikawa) / Junjo Nanboshi Brewery (Asahikawa) / Nakajima Northern Rice Rice (Shitsu River) / Fukushinori Rice (Kushiro) / Oyodori Togari (Otaru) / Tenjyu (Akita) / Hakkaisan (Niigata) / Bakuren ginjo (Yamagata) / Shibata dry dry rice (Wakayama) / Four seasons Izumi Junpei Ginjo (Fukushima)
· 【10 authentic shochu】
· Ootake shochu ◆ Black sake (Kagoshima) / Satsuma trees (Kagoshima) / Tanabata (Kagoshima) / Black Kirishima (Miyazaki) / Satsuma island beauty (Kagoshima) / Black Isisaki (Kagoshima) ◆ Whee shochu ◆ Black Enma (Oita) / Yasuaki (Oita) ◆ Awamori ◆ Kume Sen (Okinawa) ◆ Other Shochu ◆ Refreshment (Brown sugar) / Koge Tan (Shiso)
· [Corner highball]
· Horn Ball / Yuzu Horn High / Ume Horn High / Citric Acid High Ball / Apple Vinegar High Ball / Lamune High Ball ☆ Tasty Horn High Ball ☆ POINT 1: ice is a heap! Kin Kin Tie Hie! POINT 2: Soda Is PUINT 3: Corner and soda are 1: 4 proper amount ♪
· [Soft Kagamitsuki]
· Fluffy Miramori / Yuzu / Acerola / Shiso lemon ☆ Aftertaste clear, refreshing sake ☆
· Oolong Hi / Tea High / Lemon Sour / Lime Sour / Calpis Sour / Apricar Sour / Plum Sour / Garigari Ko Sour / Yuzu Sour / Seawater Sour / White Sour / Ice Tea Sour / Cider Sour
· Mojito ★ Refreshing refreshing taste.
· Rossi Rock (red · white) / glass wine (red · white)
·【Soft drink】
- Various

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