【From the soil to the Thursday exclusive deals banquet】 Seasonal seafood course! Premoles, local sake, authentic shochu included All you can drink All 7 items 3500 yen!

【From the soil to the Thursday exclusive deals banquet】 Seasonal seafood course! Premoles, local sake, authentic shochu included All you can drink All 7 items 3500 yen!

By using a coupon3500 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

Premium Maltz Kaoru Ale Premium Maltz Black, Hakkai Mountain, Country Rare, etc. 10 kinds of local sake, Black Kirishima · Shirukaru authentic shochu 16 kinds, Highball 6 types etc. All-you-can-drink ☆

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

【Earthly to Thursday Limited Monthly Benefit Banquet Plan】 Satisfactory contents of all seven items including unprecedented pickled items of signboard products and fat burned cooked fish in cooked dishes! All you can drink is Premium Malt · Black Beer · Hakkai Mountain, Country Rare Including 10 kinds of local sake · 10 full-bodied distilled spirits Including 120 minutes of all-you-can-drink beer! Cheers with a beer with a thorough wash of beer server ♪ 2 people in a fully-private room ~ Reservation OK ☆

Course menu

■ carefully selected seasonal incense people (JFC) 3-point platter!

☆ and rarity Pickles stocking from Kyoto established Pickles shop, 3-point carefully selected ♪ from homemade pickles more than 20 kinds

■ fresh fish of charcoal bashing broiled or sum face chicken breast sashimi

It is excellent sashimi that at once baked you !! breast meat of the sum face chicken a fresh fish aboard the fat in the exciting flame has been to carefully bashing!

Please enjoy this opportunity to come ☆

■ Charcoal-grilled miso saucepan of young chicken

Steamed konbu of mackerel

■ Deep fried pork ginger roll

■ Friendly Cooking

■ season of desserts

※ by buying situation, Masu if the throne whose contents are subject to change.Please note.

All-you-can-drink menu

· [Draft beer] highest in the luxurious moments.
· The premium · Moruzu Kaoru Ale ☆ This creamy bubbly boasts our shop which understands the difference in the first mouth ☆
- [Carefully selected local sake] 10 kinds
· Country rare Kaysen (Mashike) / thirteen orphans brewed (Asahikawa) / gold drop net rice north (Shintotsukawa) / Fukuji net rice (Kushiro) / boss turbidity (Otaru) / natural death (Akita) / Hakkaisan (Niigata) / Bakuren Ginjo (Yamagata) / Shibata Jun Karakuchi rice (Hokkaido) / Four seasons Junmai Fountain Ginjo (Fukushima)
· [Shochu] 10 kinds
· ◆ shochu ◆ bullet (Kagoshima) / Satsuma Kobiki (Kagoshima) / Tanabata (Kagoshima) / black Kirishima (Miyazaki) / Satsuma Island beauty (Kagoshima) / black Nishiki Isa (Kagoshima) ◆ wheat shochu ◆ black Enma (Oita) / Yasuaki (Oita) ◆ awamori ◆ Sen Kume (Okinawa) ◆ other shochu ◆ and Ren (brown sugar) / Tan Tantaka (perilla)
· [Corner highball]
· Corner highball / Citron angle High / plum angle High / citric acid high ball / apple cider vinegar high ball / Lamune high ball ☆ I make delicious corner highball ☆ POINT1:! Ice is heaping Kin Kin Hiehie POINT2:!! Soda There is Shuwashuwa POINT3:! corners and soda 1: appropriate amount ♪ 4
· [Soft Kagamitsuki]
- Fluffy Kagamitsuki plum / Citron / acerola / basil lemon ☆ aftertaste clean, refreshing drink ☆
- Oolong High / tea High / lemon sour / lime Sour / Calpis Sour / apricot sour / plum sour / skinny Mr. Sour / yuzu sour / Shikuwasa Sour / white Sour / ice tea sour / cider sour
- Mojito ★ clean refreshing taste.
Rossi lock (red and white) / glass of wine (red and white)
·【Soft drink】
- Various

Coupon that can be used

  • 【March weekday limited (Saturday to Thursday) course】
    All you can drink with premoles
    All 7 season fish replacement course 3500 yen!

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      No other tickets / service combined use / 1 pair 1 time / all-you-can-drink LO 30 minutes ago / Saturday to Saturday only / 2 people / / cards not allowed / cash accounting only / no holiday available

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of March 2018

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